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Choosing the Right Boiler

Posted on Thursday, January 17th, 2013 at 5:14 pm by

We started the Devon Boilersure Scheme to help you, the consumer, choose the right person to install your boiler. We check and vet all who are part of the scheme, and get you multiple quotes so that you can compare. The scheme ensures your safety, and puts you in control of your decision.

As well as choosing the right installer, you’ll want to choose the most appropriate boiler for your home. New boilers are energy-efficient, but you’ll save more money by selecting the one that’s suited to your needs.

Which Boiler Fuel?

First, consider whether you need a gas or electric boiler. Gas boilers are cheaper to run, but the existing structure of your home will play a part in your choice. If your existing boiler is powered by fossil fuels, it may be cost-effective to convert to a gas system. You can also save more than £500 with the installation of a wood-burning boiler in place of an existing electric one.

How Much Water?

A regular boiler, which heats water and stores it in a separate cylinder, will save you money if you use a lot of water. Families with children, in particular, can benefit from this system. A combi boiler doesn’t use a storage cylinder, so it’s more efficient for an individual or a couple that don’t consume as much. Combi boilers can also be installed in smaller spaces.

For Your Protection

All boiler engineers registered with our scheme have had their certification checked. They’re all covered by insurance so that you’re not liable in the event of an accident and all have received confirmed positive references from previous customers. Once you’ve chosen your boiler, apply for three quotes from Boilersure registered engineers within 15 miles of your home.